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 Lvl'in Up the Guild

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Lvl'in Up the Guild Empty
PostSubject: Lvl'in Up the Guild   Lvl'in Up the Guild Icon_minitimeFri 20 Nov - 20:09

Basic Information

* When a guild is created it will automatically be level 1.
* By gaining Guild points the Guild can level up to level 5.
* The guild automatically levels-up once it reaches the required number of guild points.
* Guild points are gained by every single member of the guild. It is
based on the Ability points earned, which is gained while hunting or in
the TG War Map.
* Even players under Level 120, the level usually required to gain
AP, will receive AP for the purposes of the Guild system. Those under
120 will receive the same amount of AP as a level 120-129 character.
* Guild points will be updated hourly and can be seen from the Guild UI.
* After level-up Guild points will not reset, instead accumulating towards the next target.

Woo!! <3
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Lvl'in Up the Guild
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