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 Crafting: Battle

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Crafting: Battle Empty
PostSubject: Crafting: Battle   Crafting: Battle Icon_minitimeSat 7 Nov - 20:50

Hey, ladies and gents. As you may know I craft battle armor. My 3 main crafts are gloves, boots, and suits. But, evidently I'm still on my proof. If you guys somehow come across titanium +0 slotted (Boots, Gloves, Suits) then I'll gladly buy them off you for a good 200-500k or you could always give it to me for free and I'll somehow pay you in the end once I pass all 3 of my crafts proofs. Right now, I'm just saving up as much titanium and stuffing them onto mules so that later on when I'm ready with an adequate amount of materials whether it's alz or FCHs then I'll start slotting and going through all my mules. So, what I'm basically saying is if you do have any of the titanium I said above and you help me with passing all 3 crafts then I'll gladly help you in the end. I just really want to pass these 3 proofs so I can get it over with, lmao. If, you somehow decide to go outside of the box and take your chances with slotting them and get Max crit rate +2% in gloves/suits or HP auto heal +2 in Boots that'd help alot also. Anyway, I gotta get back to work, lmao catch you all in a bit.
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Crafting: Battle
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